Letters To Scott Dear Grandpa, Let me start by telling you how much I love you, and how grateful I am to have such a sweet and tender patriarch of our family.  You have done an amazing job raising an amazing posterity.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with you as I have grown up, and I am grateful that my husband, Paul, and our children, Jason and Bella, have also had the chance to get to know you. When I think back on all of our shared experiences, I have the fondest feelings for the time I was able to interview you for my school project on World War II.  I didn't realize what a special opportunity that was at the time, as I was only 14 years old, but it will always be an experience I hold close to my heart. I remember how much I enjoyed hearing about how you won Grandma Orrock's heart.  I remember how touched I was as you related the stories of your youth during that difficult time in our country's past.  I remember thinking, "My Grandpa is a hero".  But most of all, I remember the tenderness in your voice as you spoke of those young men who did not come home from their military service.  I think it was the first time I ever saw you cry.  I know it was the first time I saw you as someone other than just my grandfather. I left your home feeling closer to you than I ever had before.  Since then, I have always felt that we have shared a special connection.  I hope you have felt that too.  I love you, Grandpa.  You are and always have been in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Deb Dear Grandpa, I really miss you!  I hope that you get to be feeling better so that we can work on the staff that I found.  Do you remember when I stepped onto your scale and what the machine said?  It still makes me smile when I play it through my head.    You are such a good grandpa.  You remind me of Lehi sometimes, always keeping the Lord's commandments.  I know that you really want the best from us, so every day I will try harder to get better and better, just like you,   Worlds of love,   Bryan B.  ______________________________________________________________________________   Dear Grandpa,   I hope you feel better!  I am glad my whole family could come to your house.  I hope you like my new house!  I am glad that you are my grandpa! I love you a ton!   Love,   Lauren   ______________________________________________________________________________   Dear Grandpa,   I had the best time when I was over at your house!  I miss you and wish that you guys lived closer so that we could visit you more often and be able to have the best time more than once a year.    We all REALLY hope you get to be feeling better!!!  It makes me feel sad whenever you're sick.  I love you soooo much!   Galaxies of hearts,   Hunter Hi Grandpa,   As your 80th birthday drawes near, I wanted to take a moment to express the memories and impact you have had on my life.   I know I had a different experience with you and grandma in my childhood than most of the other grandkids did. You were more than just grandma and grandpa- you were my neighbors, my best friend's (Steven) parents, in my ward, and at my schools. I spent so much time playing in your backyard, running through the house, rubbing your back (don't you still owe me some money?) eating your cold cereal, gently closing your screen door ("shut the door!!"). I felt as much at home there as I did in my own home a few blocks away.   One memory that really stands out: How many kids get to have their Grandpa as a junior high teacher? I did- math- and I still can't decide if it was torture or a treat. :) I loved being able to call my teacher grandpa, I loved the novelty of it. I was a little embarrased when I'd hear in the hallway, "Mr. Orrock is so mean." There was a certain boy that used to make things really difficult for you. His name was Eugene, and he was rotten. I think I was equally horrified and elated when you lifted him up be the collar of his shirt and pushed him against the wall. My Grandpa- the mean, but tough and strong  math teacher. That was big news around the middle school for days.   One of my favorite times spent with you, Grandpa, was when Chris and I were newlyweds. We flew to Utah from Oregon, and had plans to travel down Utah and into Arizona. We didn't have enough money to rent a car, so you and grandma offered yours. Part of the arrangement required that Chris and I drive wwith you from SLC to St. George. I was a bit nervous (what would we talk about? Would grandpa let us stop for food and bathroom breaks? Will Chris like him?) It turned out to be a wonderful road trip. You told us all about your childhood family, about the areas we were driving through. You took us to Cove Fort, and we had a wonderful time getting to know you better.   I want you to know I love you. It has been wonderful being a part of the Orrock Family. I claim your heritage as my own, and I am proud to be a part of it.   Happy 80th, Grandpa.   Love, Alaina Tricia Thinking back on my own life, which hasn't been very long at all thus far, I've had a hard time picking out personal memories that included just you and me.  Trying to open up my perspective and think "outside the box," something came to me that affects me more than any personal memory I could have of you.  I see the fruits of your life every day.   I know how you were as a father, by the way I was mothered.  I know what kind of work ethic you have by the stories I have been told, (you really dug a basement carrying out dirt one bucket at a time?!?) and I know you to have an awesome sense of humor by all the jokes that have been re-told to me; all of them knee-slappers!  You're an amazing leader to your family.  How you led with all those children…all those daughters!...must have taken patience; something my mom showed her own children.  I know you to be a wonderful example.  The choices you made a long time ago has not only influenced your children, (my mom, aunts and uncles) but influenced their children (me, my brothers, sisters and cousins).  I am happy to call you "Grandpa" and will be even happier to tell my own future children about their Great-Grandpa Orrock.  What a guy! Dear Grandpa, I just wanted to share some thoughts of you, and also say that I wish I could be there for your birthday. My first memories of you are in your old house in Page. I remember the many back rubs we used to give you. We would not know when to stop becuase you usually fell asleep and so we would keep going until our hands were too tired, and then we'd use our elbows, and then our feet, and then one of us would decide he or she was done and we'd all creep away trying not to wake you. I remember it being fun, and a little challenging too. I also remember you and Dad and all the other uncles sitting downstairs watching football. All of us little cousins would be your little carriers and bring you dessert and drinks. I also picture you sitting next to grandma in a lawn chair in the back yard of our old house in page while we had family entertainment. I picture you laughing and enjoying yourself with all of us. More recently I've been able to appreciate your love for all of your grandchildren, and me in particular. As a child (and as I've grown) you would never let me see you without giving you a "love" and now I understand that you were telling me how much you love me. Since then, whenever you have spoken to us during family get togethers, I've especially understood your love for grandma and for all of us. I hope you realize we love you very much also, and we are sad that we can't be near you now and always. I treasure the times you have taken to be with us, and especially to travel all the way out to Oregon for special occasions. I love you Grandpa! Jillian     These are letters that were written to celebrate Scott’s 80th birthday. We are looking for the rest of the letters that were written, but have had no luck finding them. If you know who has them please let us know so that we can include them.  lputman@lcsd2.org Dear Grandpa, You are the best example of a grandfather I’ve seen in my life. I’ve sat for a third time in front of a blank screen with “dear Grandpa” at the top of it unable to begin this letter.  I’d decided on a lot of the context, but the beginning kept getting away from me.  Should I open with a joke?  I realize this is being read to you, so basically, someone’s giving a speech on my behalf.  I hate to send them out unarmed, but the best jokes I know are from my kids and inevitably involve barnyard animals or bathroom humor.  My only option seemed to be to begin it with a simple and true statement that couldn’t be misinterpreted. Though the turn I took in my life has taken me away from the family in my day to day life, I’ve always counted myself as part of the Orrock family and proudly as your grandson.  I’ve owed you a letter to that effect for a long time.  I know you’ve felt some regret over the tone of our relationship and I’ve regretted that.  You really couldn’t be blamed for knowing I needed a good hard kick in the pants but not figuring where to plant your foot.  It took me over 20 years to find the spot.  The truth is you’ve always been the bar I measure myself against as a father who strives to be giving and supportive.  My memories of your home were of laughter and play, stage and sport, of dignity and sacrifice and of love. When I think about the legacy that has grown around you and that I see reflected every day in my family, I am awed.  In conversation my mother is revealed as the oldest of 11 children and eyebrows raise but it’s nothing too incredible to them.  But to grow up in that family is to understand the ripple effect; to understand the number of smiles that happen every day because of the children of and the children of and the children of two people. Grandpa, whatever has passed between us over the years, I have nothing left but love for you.  Fearing you may leave this world before I do, I know that at least, if there is an afterlife, I’ll have good seats because I’m your grandson. Love, John Dear Grandpa, I know you are being well taken care of and that our family and others are praying for you. You are very special to us and I want you to know that I love you! I really enjoy your big hugs and smiles and will never forget them. I have a picture that is my favorite of you and me taking a walk down the sidewalk together holding hands. I like that picture because it shows how much we love each other and what a good grandpa you are. I also have memories of when the family was at your old, big house in St.George. We grandchildren would be with you and you’d ask us to rub your back and you’d give us a nickel or dime. I guess that is just a silly memory but it is something I have never forgotten. Sometimes when you would be sitting in your blue chair watching TV or resting, I would walk by the room and just think that I loved you so much even if you were just sitting in that chair. I knew you didn’t have as much strength to get up and walk around so much but I was just thankful you were my grandpa and that you have a great wife which is my grandma. I love grandma so much also and I’m glad you can have her to take care of you. I am thankful to you for taking those long trips out to visit us for our family’s baptisms. I’m glad I could share that special day with you and that you could take part in it. I have had a hard time not living close to Utah because I can’t see my family as often and miss you all the time! I wish I could be there right now by your side, but I know that I will be someday when all our family is united in heaven. Our family is forever and I am grateful for that! You took great care of me and are a big part in my life. I love you grandpa! Your grand-daughter, Emily ______________________________________________________________________________ Dear Grandpa, I love you so much and am glad that I could be with you recently.  We are praying for you.  I enjoyed being with you this summer and liked swimming and doing other things with you.  I am glad that we will see each other again. Love, Andrew ______________________________________________________________________________ Dear Grandpa, I love you very much. I remember your house and how you would always ask me to give you loves. I miss being around you and Grandma and all the rest of the family. Hope you get well soon! Love, Jonathan Marquez ______________________________________________________________________________ Dear Grandpa, I love you so much that I could kiss you!  I loved swimming with you.  I love going to your house.  I liked hugging you.  I hope you don’t die. I had fun at my birthday opening my presents and playing with the toys I got.  I had fun miniature golfing.  I got your birthday card today.  Thank you for the two dollars.  I want to buy some gum. Love, Jason ____________________________________________________________________________ Dear Grandpa, I go to swimming lessons.  I love you very much that I could just kiss you!  I like it when I go to swimming lessons.  I liked swimming with you.  I liked being at your house with you.  I liked kissing you at your house.  I loved hugging you.  I liked going down your chair down the stairs.  I liked being with you. I liked being places with you.  I love you!  I liked eating lunch with you. Love, Rebecca ______________________________________________________________________________ Dear Dad, It was so wonderful to see you this summer.  You looked so good and I loved going places with you that I haven’t been since a child.  You and Mom provided such wonderful memories for us as children.  Some of my favorite memories are our camping trips.  I can just see us now-- you are just outside the camper in a chair swatting flies and mom and the rest of us are inside playing Yahtzee. I want to thank you too for how much love you have shown Emily, Andrew, Jonathan, Jason & Rebecca.  They really do appreciate and love all the times you have been out to visit.  You’ve helped them with homework, taken them on walks and to the park, and been with them for blessings and baptisms.  But most importantly of all, you have borne your testimony to them.  They know you love the Lord because you have told them.  Thank you, thank you for that. Tonight Byron was lamenting the fact that he had finished off the ice cream last night.  I told him that there were ice cream bars if he wanted them.  His response was, “It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.”  And my automatic reply was, “As my Dad used to say.” I love you, Dad.  For your “words of wisdom”, for your testimony, for your tireless service on our behalf, for my brothers and sisters that are priceless, and for your love.  For your great love that we all have felt and none of us doubt.  As Andrew said, “I am glad we will see each other again.”  Whenever that may be, Dad, I love you! Love, Sandy Dear Grandpa, I feel honored to write you this letter expressing my love and gratitude for all you've done for me in my life.  I don't know where to begin with all the loving memories that we've shared together.  One of my favorites is when I was younger and you would pay me and the other grand kids a nickel to rub your back.  We knew we'd probably never see the money that was promised us, but I always felt special when I would do it.  I loved growing up going to the Foote reunions and our family reunions at Lake Powell.  My favorite was when you would make your homemade root beer and we would have root beer floats.  I'm so grateful for your love and support in my life.  I am honored to have you as my grandpa.  I love you with all my heart and wish you a very Happy Birthday. Love, Rachel I included pictures of me in Hawaii, because Hawaii always reminds me of you and I know it's your favorite place.