April 14, 2005 American Fork, UT Dear Family, Recently I have been counting my blessings and wishing to give thanks to my children and all their kindness to me. I came across this letter and as I re-read it I found it to be difficult to express my feelings any more fully. Grandchildren and in-laws have come into our lives since this was written. I wish to acknowledge their contribution to our family and my love for them. Scott's letter written to his children, January 7, 1992, Page, AZ Dear Ones, I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I have mulled over in my mind very often what I would like each of you to know. The past several months have been very emotional ones for me. I guess it began when we started thinking seriously about a move to St. George. Also, during this time with the frequent trips to St. George, (sometimes as often as 2 - 3 times per week) I have had a lot of time to think and contemplate my many blessings. This has put me in a very spiritual mood and has prompted me to have extensive "chats," with the Lord. Granted, they have been almost exclusively one way "chats", and the theme has been one of deep appreciation for my many blessings which center almost exclusively on our family. I have at times said in jest that the Lord sent me near-perfect children because I wouldn't have known how to cope with anything less. That is only partly true. I honestly feel that the "chemistry" between your mother and me along with our shared values and feelings of responsibility for you, has made no small contribution to your values and goals. I want to say I am very, very proud of all of you, but to be proud is not good, so I say, I celebrate with you your goodness and the joy you must feel for your kindness, generosity and sensitivity to all people - -who are indeed our brothers and sisters. I apologize for my failings, my impatience, my seeming lack of involvement at times. Even though I may not always appear to be involved, at least, I am aware. I appreciate what I see. I may not always show sufficient enthusiasm for what I receive, but at least I was blessed with the gift of appreciation - - even if I don't show it all the time. Am I becoming redundant? If so, it's only because of a strong desire not to be misunderstood. I also want to apologize (or at least explain) what may appear to be a lack of appreciation for the church. If I have at times failed in providing spiritual leadership and exercising my priesthood in behalf of my family, it is only because of a fear of appearing hypocritical. How can I be so explosive at times in a negative way and then a completely opposite humble and spiritual person? I have a hard time reconciling those two extremes and it pains me. I will add a personal note to all of your letters, but I wanted all of you to know of my love for you and to pay tribute to those qualities you all have in common. You are all good sports and have never complained about what we gave you in our efforts to provide for you. I'm sure you felt left out at times but you never complained (I hope it wasn't out of fear). You all have great talents and ability to give and share. I hope you all recognized and appreciate your abilities to teach and to organize activities which enrich the people you serve. I want you all to know I'm glad that you came to our house to live and to bless us with your sweet spirits. And to the in-laws who have become a part of our family, I hope you receive great satisfaction in knowing that the teams you have formed have brought many beautiful and special spirits into this world. Just think of the positive influence our 50 - 60 grandchildren will have on this earth. Surely each of them came with a special mission to perform. When I pray for you, which is almost constantly, I pray that your prayers will be answered, for I know they are spoken with faith and are totally righteous and appropriate to our Father's plan for all his children. Further, to our in-laws, I pray that you will feel loved and know that I know you have special gifts which you share with all of us to enrich our lives. And to your mother, even though it is hard to live with someone who is perfect, (mildly tongue-in-cheek) I give her much credit for all your great qualities. I am glad that we enjoy so many of the same things. In closing, know that you are loved and that I share with your mother the absolute assurance that you will all be successful in those things which are most important in life, as well as those things meant to make life more comfortable and fulfilling. May the Lord continue to bless you all! Thanks again for who you are and what you are to me. Love, Dad