Family Prayer by Kim LeBaron  Our Heavenly Father, We're grateful this day that we can be here as a family to celebrate the life, the love and the leadership of Scott Gottfredson Orrock. Father, we're grateful for his presence in our life. We're thankful for his abilities for laughter, for sympathy, for understanding, and for caring. Father, at this time we recognize the great facilitator of the plan of atonement, even Jesus Christ, and we recognize the importance of His sacrifice. May we as a family continue on in our lives and absorb into our hearts and minds those good things, those memories that will give us cause to continue on, remembering who we are, what we are, and who we represent. Bless us to strive now and to place in order our houses so that once again we will be able to someday sit with Scott and listen to his stories and his humor. We are grateful for him but at this time Father we ask for a special blessing on Dawn. Please bless her that she will understand that there are many here who love her and who will do anything for her. Bless her with the comfort and the peace in knowing that all she needs to do is call. We're grateful for all that we have Dear Father, most importantly enlightenment and understanding as to life after death and this we pray humbly in Jesus name, Amen.