Earl Foote was quite elderly by the time I knew him.  He somehow became a Communist.  He would go to the City Council meetings and rave on for a while.  Finally, they made a decision to ask him at the beginning of their meetings, “Mr. Foote, would you like to address the council for five minutes?”  Of course, he would.  Then, after five minutes, he would be asked to sit down.  It seemed to work.  He evidently went to most of the meetings.  When we had our reunions, he was almost always there.  He was treated with respect and asked to give the blessing on the food.  He would proceed with a beautiful blessing.  We could never understand how he could be a Communist and give such a beautiful blessing.  More to his credit!  (We did laugh a little at how remarkable that was!) School: I guess it is time to speak of my senior year in high school.  I have such mixed feelings about that year.  I decided I wanted to go to BY High School because my sister had gone there.  I don’t know what it cost my mother.  I was oblivious to that part of her life (shame on me).  I found that when I got there, I had to have certain credits (classes) in order to graduate, and they would not let me use the ones I had earned at Salina High School.  I had somehow been given credit for History in Salina by taking the debate class.  They would not accept that class, so I had to take U. S. History with the junior class.  Mrs. Caine was very strict.  Most of the kids in the class had taken classes from her before and knew how she gave tests.  I would stress over those tests, and I ended up with a B-.  I also needed another math class.  I hadn’t had a math class since the 8th grade at Farrer Junior High School.  The only class open to me was Geometry!!!!!  Geometry was my last class of the day and I hated it!!!  Believe me, I had no idea what was going on in that class.  I had not even had Algebra.  I was saved by making friends with a guy named Lyman Durphee, who eventually became the Treasurer at BYU!  He was so kind to me.  Another guy in the class, Jay Ballif, eventually wrote a math textbook for BYU. I had tried to get help, but not from the teacher.  He was known as “Coke Jensen.”  He would give us the assignment and then leave the class to walk downtown for a Coke.  I also learned that you never asked him a question, because he would belittle you in front of the class.  Another problem: he sat me at the very front of the class.  I couldn’t get help at home, even though Uncle Mark was amazing at carpentry, where I’m sure he had to use math.  But he couldn’t teach me.  Thank goodness for my friend, Lyman!  He could explain enough for me to get by.  I ended up getting a D+ in the class.  I was able to graduate with that!  I had nightmares for years about that class, even after I was married! Chemistry was my other failing.  Mr. Brailsford was very different from Mr. Jensen; he was very kind and really tried to help me understand.  Although I really tried, my brain was just not geared for Chemistry.  Mr. Brailsford would say to me, “Dawn, can’t you understand that?”  I would pour over what he was trying to teach me and I would pathetically say, “I can’t.”  He actually gave me a C in the class.  He was kind. Physiology was taught by the coach, Mr. Dixon.  He would get so embarrassed when he would have to explain “boy” and “girl” things.  His face would go bright red!  I did learn in his class.  I ended up with a B. Physical Education was not hard.  Miss Gilbert was not a very warm person, but I got along.  I ended up with an A-.  I don’t know why the minus.  An interesting tidbit about Miss Gilbert: she married a man who had lost his wife.  He became the first president of the new Provo Temple.  Their new home overlooked the Temple.  They sometimes spoke at firesides.  One of the stories they told was how late one night, the President thought he saw a light in the Temple and was getting dressed to go and find out what it was.  Before he could leave his house, he received a call from the Prophet telling him not to go because the Savior was visiting the Temple that night!  I never forgot that!! My favorite class was Speech I.  I really liked my teacher, Mr. Lewis.  My performance in the play, The Big Doorstep, earned me “Best Actress” for the year.  I liked all the kids in the class and had a special relationship with one of the guys, James Makin.  We had so much fun together.   Maude, Alice, Venice (Mother), Bess, Lurline, with their cousin May taking notes Myself with another friend ‘The Great Doorstrp’ program Certificate received from participating in the play ‘The Great Doorstrp’