Jean is taking her turn to point.  As adults, we went back to Red Canyon to try and locate the place where we had had such exciting childhood experiences. Here I am, standing where our large tent stood in Red Canyon. I would like to insert part of a letter from Daddy to his sister, Aunt Josephine: Aug. 4, 1940 Panguitch, Utah I brought the folks back home on the night of the third.  Spent the fourth and fifth here home and then came back on the sixth. We sure did enjoy it here together this summer for six weeks.  Venice is so much better than she has been for a long time.  Now if she will not try and do too much and take care of herself.  Am sure it helped her a lot.  The girls wore out two pairs of shoes apiece so you can see they were moving around. These two experiences, living in the woods and canyon, brought such happiness to me throughout my life.  I’m so grateful for a kind, loving dad and a caring, humorous, efficient mother and a sister I have shared so many wonderful memories with.